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What Is Our True Higher Self?


Higher is a relative term. Our true Self is selfless (Spirit), without attachment to or conflict with any subject matter. Such, then, is neither higher or lower but just Is…Is our innermost Being, the Totality of Being (Intubeing)–and not another concept, image or thing-event (subject matter). Therefore we are not the personality or ego, that partiality of being which is centered in the body, in the past, in the thing, in the concept (duality/sensory perception), but the pure (Nonsensory) Intelligence who,  remaining Complete in Ourself as a Whole or Spirit-Matter Continuum (unified Field), nevertheless gives rise to the phenomena of separate points (images/forms) in space and mind (maya), like reflections/projections in a universal mirror.

So, if we only experience spirit and matter separately as two different concepts or thing-events (literal perspective), then we can never know (live) ourself as that Continuum (Oneness/Wholeness). Yet once we cease holding onto, and identifying with, the personality as an end in itself or false absolute (self), we automatically see (live) through the ego (subject self) and know Who and what we really Are (Nonego), as the Center (Ground) of our Awareness Is the Awareness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole.

Such Is Liberation or the Kingdom of God (Nonliteral Persepective), as we Are Living (Christ) Jesus/Buddha/Krishna/the Tao and Principal of Life (the Word)…our true Self (Selfless)!

What’s The Difference Between Soul And Spirit?


Spirit Is the basic, pure Intelligence Within and behind everything that is: the essential Quality or Nonessentiality, as it were, for the Totality of Being Is always Nonliteral (without form/unstructured to the literal mind) in relation to the partiality of being or literal mind who, being centered in his own form and body, with its self-image and personality–remains outside the pure Intelligence/Spirit that We Are.

Soul is the primal seed (archetype) of each aspect (pattern/process) of the Whole, and when being at one or identifying with the Whole (selfless/nonpersonal), also remains nonliteral–the Awareness itself (Totality) Intubeing the essential Quality (Ground) of Consciousness–not the soul. Such is a paradox to the literal mind (ego).

Thus, as there is no mind apart from thought, there is no soul apart from spirit, everything has a soul (wave pattern) or primary link to the Andro-Cosmic Mind/pure Intelligence, conceptually speaking. But most souls either don’t have the capacity or simply fail to realize their own inmost spirit (daemon) and true (nondual) identity–let alone Intusee beyond any personal thought that all Are One (Whole) Spirit or Soul (God), nonconceptually speaking.

Are The Events Of Our Lives On Earth Psychological Myth?


The answer becomes obvious as soon as the mind realizes its own ego (duality/sensory perception) as the projector of the myth, the spinner of the tale (thought), and thus does not do in reality but dreams, that is, projects (manifests/escapes) outward in space and mind. Thus all thing-events in the actual world (maya), being relative, subjective, temporal and partial, are but metaphor (symbolic action) in relation to Spirit (Nonego/Awareness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole) or That which Is…Is the real Doer (Doing) or Totality of Being (God)!

However, though we are not really our personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs or experiences, as the dreamer (ego), we are forever projecting our preconceptions onto people, places and things in order to live out on earth the psychological myths (images/forms/concepts) that our psyches identify with–and hold onto. These myths, and the cultural context that accompany them, though symbolic, become necessary as a means of dealing with the energies that have been drawn up through the body from the center of our being. This is instinctual, of course, for without the energy to realize something, nothing would ever be possible in a phenomenal world. There would be no development. And, without any development in a phenomenal universe, there can be no Liberation, no Resurrection of the Spirit. Thus before the mind can come fully Awake, it must dream (conceptualize) in order to comprehend the possibility and potential Within it (power of suggestion).

But often life’s energy becomes trapped in the body, whose organs and cells may block the natural flow with our resistance to it (the fear of being overwhelmed by life’s direct flow), the fragmentation having been caused by the conscious suppression of our very being. Thus the greater need to identify with the Flow (Energy-Consciousness/Intuconsciousness/Awareness in itself) as ourself rather than with the body/personality. Then the events of our lives are seen through as we absorb life’s energy Into Ourself (inverting the mind) instead of projecting the same onto peole, places and things outside, selflessly Realizing Nonego (Ourself as a Whole) as the real Self…as the One innate Life, Power and Cause behind (Within) everything. Indeed, the myth (thing-events) becomes a ritual means of dying a “psychological death” to duality (ego/partiality of being) and intuconsciously Realizing Ourself the as Resurrection (Principal) of Life, as Awareness in itself, in God (Totality of Being)!

How Do We Die While Living, And Meet God?


By practicing a living discipline of confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding coming from Within (spiritual discernment, which is to say, Spirit discerning), resolving through every thing-event of the day our attachment to and conflict with the ego/personality (contraries of human nature). This path may be called a “psychological death”, as we are letting go (ceasing to identify with) our object self (image/form) and seeing/being through (Before) the ego or conceptualized consciousness: this may also be referred to as the Way of the cross, for the crucifixion and death of the ego, even psychologically, represents an interior but living process of sublimation and transformation, fulfilled by the “awakened” psyche (soul) and terminating in a “rest” or release.

Thus we are not prejudging or projecting preconceptions onto the subject matter, but trusting completely in God, our innermost Being. Indeed, our Center of Awareness, Being Awareness in itself, is no longer the body but through the body, no longer the personality but through the personality (ego), in the spirit/space/mind/energy-consciousness as a Whole (Nonego). So Rests God in man (Christ Jesus)…not God as man or the personality. For when the person psychologically dies to himself as a separate entity in space and mind, God (Christ) comes Alive in (through) man (Jesus)!

How Does One Get Rid Of All One’s Beliefs?


By seeing (being aware) through one’s own ego/personality/selfhood that all personally based (ego-centered) beliefs and concepts are, at their root, insubstantial. One may see this by living meditation: the daily discipline of consciously confronting, penetrating, understanding and resolving any attachment to and conflict with the subject matter (thought/emotion/action) that one experiences.

Thus by turning In and stilling (centering) the mind, paying constant attention to what is actually going on at this very moment (seeing it as it is), one will “open up” the ego/personality. And then having rediscovered the spaciousness of soul, in choosing to drop the preconception of a separate self isolated in space, like a staring scope of spiritual discernment,  one will receive penetrating insights into our innate Being, as Such is our true Center (Ground). Character transformation follows automatically as one consciously realizes the self actually living/being what before the mind was only thinking (conceptualizing).

Therefore one doesn’t have to hold onto any beliefs (the past) per se, just live Life…as Such is ever-present: the Center of Awareness Being Awareness in itself (Ourself as a Whole) rather than the conceptual sensation/sensory perception of the thing-event. Thus does one Realize the self as selfless, that is to say, one’s Center is the very Quality (Nonessentiality) that Awareness itself Is (Intuperception/Nonsensory Perception) and not the thing-event outside. Indeed, living is believing!

How Does Body-Consciousness Or Egoism And Sense Of duality Vanish?


It’s not so much that body-consciousness or egoism vanish but that one, in realizing that we are not our personal thoughts, emotions, beliefs and experiences but Awareness in itself (pure Intelligence/Spirit), lets go of (ceasing to identify with) the literal sensation (solid sense of being a separate entity in space or mind) and sees/lives (from Within) through it.

But how does this happen? Actually, how (ego) has nothing to do with it. Rather, one follows the Way of the cross, the Eternal Principal of Life or Tao (Nonego), and by the grace of God, our innermost Being, becomes Aware that We (Living Jesus/Krishna/Buddha, etc) Are already there.

Everything we experience as being outside (other than) ourself as a Whole is a conceptualization of consciousness, and thus by seeing/being through the conceptual sensation instead of remaining stuck on it, one’s center of awareness is not the thing-event in space or in mind but the space/mind in itself (ourself as a Whole); that is to say, we intuconsciously (selflessly) Realize (Intuperception/Nonsensory Perception) Before (through) the concept or thing-event the basic, pure Intelligence that we Are and that everything Is (our innermost Being/Intubeing).

Thus duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective) are no longer a problem, as all are insubstantial (void) to the seer, whose Center (Intustate) of Awareness, remaining nonattached and holy indifferent, is everywhere nonliterally speaking and nowhere literally speaking. So Rests Energy-Consciousness (Intuconsciousness) without (through) an object: the One (Ourself as a Whole) purely Spiritual, transcendent/immanent, Intuconsciously Streaming Totality of Being (Nonliteral Perspective) that Is (God).

What Is My Perception Of The World Today?


The world is ego (duality/sensory perception/literal perspective), and that collective self (superego or great spook) is turning in on himself (on humanity, as perceived with the bodily senses). Think of the ego as a tunnel, and that we, as spirit, need to pass through (cease to identity with) it in order to come out in the Light (ourself as a Whole) at the other side, that is, to Be the Light! Right now we are stuck in the tunnel and everything seems dark: the worst in us is coming to the surface of our consciousness, and rather than confront it, and thus by seeing (living) through (letting go of ) the darkness (ego), in the process discovering the Living Light (Christ/Buddha/Krishna, etc)) already Within us–who Is Us–we want to escape self-examination,  failing to absorb the very energy that is our life.

It used to be that we could escape to the “new world”, but today that world has shrunk, and there’s nowhere to hide…except,  maybe,  in ourselves. Thus the collective ego is caught up in a psychological process of self-undoing, which must take place before the light of understanding can filter through the tunnel and come Into Us. So take heart, dear reader, keep your faith strong, and behind all the suffering that comes with holding onto a separate selfhood (ego-satan), feel the Loving Light of God Within coming closer, filling us with the Divine Presence (Stillness/Peace/Compassion) through the shadow (tunnel).

We were put on this earth to selflessly Realize Who and what we really Are (Our innermost Being and Liberation). I say selflessly because so long as we remain centered to the ego/personality/tunnel, which is literal and partial, we can’t know ourself as Nonliteral and Whole. You might say that materialism/egoism is our childhood and spirituality (Nonego) our adulthood. Thus it’s time for us (humanity collectively) to grow up! To accept living responsibility for our own behavior, and seeing (living) through it, step Into the Light!