One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present, even as the literal and the Nonliteral, the material and the Spiritual, the partiality and the Totality remain the Same Oneness Complete in itself, without another. That is to say, We, as the Whole, Are Awareness itself, or In itself, not the forms that Such gives rise to. Thus we, as another, in identifying with the form, do not come into the world but out of it, do not come into life when born, but are born out of it, out of the Suchness that Is pure Awareness. Indeed, we, as separate entities in space, seem to have our time and then pass back into the One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present. Ultimately, then, Oneness Breathes as the only Reality, Being Awareness itself, or In itself (Intubeing), the We that Is always Now.

An analogy: life on earth can be compared to a dream and enlightenment to waking up in the dream. When one Awakes while still dreaming, while still having a body registering the five physical senses, one realizes self not as the dreamer but as the dreaming itself, that is to say, as Awareness itself rather than as the form or sensory experience being dreamt or projected, which must fade out with time. For every thing-event in the dream is not outside the dream but within the dreaming, within oneself now realizing as the whole dream.

In this analogy, there is only the Self, as every thing-event remains Within the Awareness itself and As the Awareness, not as something or someone separate from. Thus the literal perspective of duality, sensory perception and ego no longer hides, like a mask, the Enlightenment or Nonliteral Realization of Oneness, Nonsensory Perception and Nonego. Likewise, multiple thing-events and causes occurring in the dream or, for that matter, on earth, are no longer understood as such, but as One Happening Within that total Self which is Selfless…that total Form which is Formless. Ultimately, then, every thing-event is Nonliteral, even the literal…every thing-event is Spiritual, even the material…every thing-event is the Totality, even the partial.

When one comes fully Awake, Alive and Whole, there is no personal consciousness that remembers; for memory is brain-based, centered in the past, and Oneness, being ever-present, transcends the literal mind or person and does not need a secondary consciousness or ego to tell Living Awareness that Such knows…for Suchness Is the Knowing itself. Thus, when returning to the person, an adjustment has to be made. For though one retains a remnant of Awareness itself, the person was not consciously there to make a claim on the experience, and lacking a personal sense of doing something, often wants to double check oneself on what actually took place. Like becoming the environment, though one is the awareness of everything coming down, it is like everything does itself…everything  just happens. Even the person now selflessly realizes the One Life, Power and Cause that is Awareness itself: Such Is Ourself as Whole Consciousness and innermost Being (God)!

And even while still with the body, one feels the continuing Presence between the eyes that signifies our innermost Being, remaining open in mind and spirit to the We that is wholly Within. Thus in daily drawing, centering the person to the Presence, ever waiting on the next realization, or, if you prefer, waiting on the Lord, one lives meditation, as everything becomes a means of meditation and, sometimes, sudden realization. And though the person may remain light, airy and elevated throughout the day, when identifying as persons, we are nothing, we do nothing…Awareness itself, or In itself, Is All!

Therefore, knowing the dreaming, as such, to be creative illusion (maya), one lives an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference, remaining free not only to go or do without whatever but free to go or do with whatever, as all opposites are but two sides of the same coin, the same Oneness. Thus is the dream, as well life on earth, always a means, never an end in itself (false absolute), and realizing this, one does not take life literally but interprets the same Nonliterally. Indeed, even as life on earth is only, at best, an analogy of the One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present, we no longer cling to the concept, and our dream state with it, returning Home.


To Speak Of God


To speak of God as the Creator is incomplete. It would be more correct to speak of God as the Creating, that is to say, as the ever-present or eternal Now.

Thus Being ever-present, always Now, the Creating itself or the Creating In itself (Ourself as Whole Consciousness), has no beginning or ending, was never born nor will ever die, for as the Totality of Being, pure Energy-Consciousness (undiluted by matter) remains Nonliteral (Absolute), the Form that is formless, the Self that is selfless, the Substance that is nonsubstantial, literally speaking. For how can the Totality of Being be contained by any particular or solid, which, by itself, must remain incomplete, bound by its own literal conceptualization or form (partiality)? Thus to speak of God as the Creator denotes creation (duality), as there cannot be one without the other, like the doer leads to that which is done, past tense. God can never be past tense, but is always Now, always One, totally Being the Creating itself, or the Creating In Ourself as a Whole. God, then, just Being the Doing (Happening) itself, or In Ourself, does not need a secondary consciousness or ego to tell Us that We Know, that We Are…for We Are Intubeing the Knowing, the Creating.

But what of the lesser we, the mortal we, that secondary consciousness or ego that most of us think we really are? Why did that come about? Indeed, one might as well ask, why do we dream? Why do we do anything?

Dreaming, as such, may not be reality but it does allow us, as separate entities in space who still identify with the material body, to release (express) suppressed energy-consciousness built up over time from holding onto memories of past experiences (ego), and thus keeps us from going totally insane. Likewise, as persons, if we do not express ourselves openly, but keep everything locked in, we might suffer the same fate. Consequently, to express oneself openly/naturally/spontaneously is to be free, to feel the space (wholeness) of one’s being. So, too, Intubeing the Knowing itself or infinite Stream (Space) of Energy-Consciousness, God, as the Creating, by that very Nature (Spirit), expresses Ourself as a Whole, or, to put it another way, speaks the Word. The Word, as interpreted here, refers to the Form/Idea/Name of God, and to express this, even divinely, is to create the other (duality), that is, something other than Ourself as a Whole. The philosopher Plato referred to this as the Demiurge, meaning something less than the Absolute but still divine…and thus the notion of God as the Creator was born.

However, in speaking the Word, God, as the Creating, does not lose Ourself as a Whole and become the so-called Demiurge, or even Satan, the so-called fallen Angel, but remains the Totality of Being. For a word, any word/form/idea/name is only a concept or metaphor, a projection of the mind, and metaphors are not realities. For example, to speak the word truth does not mean one is being truthful, that one is living truth. Reality, on the other hand, is living, Being the very quality or, in this case, Nonessentiality, behind the word and Within ourself, not just thinking or projecting the word. And even as all thing-events in the world appear to be actual or substantial, at least, to our five physical senses, they are not lasting (complete), being only living metaphors (images/forms) in relation to the Creating itself or That which Is, and thus the world outside is registered as a passing show, like a dream. God, as the Creating, Knows the dream (world), and even the Word, for what they are and does not identity with either, remaining nonattached (Selfless).

Consequently, when we begin to live (Be) Reality, we Awake in the dream, and like the saying, “being in the world but not of it”, one sees the world as a passing show or dream (creative illusion), and by seeing through oneself as ego, does not identify with it, remaining nonattached. We see that there is only Now, the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego), the One Nonessentiality or Whole Consciousness that We Are and out of which every thing-event seemingly comes and goes. For example, all phenomena comes out of space, has its time, and returns into space, but the space, as space itself, remains complete in itself (whole), and does not see (register) itself as another phenomena. In fact, all phenomena is still the space, both literally and Nonliterally! Likewise, all that is material (thing-events) comes out of the Spirit, has its time, and returns into Spirit (Intubeing), but the Spirit, as the Creating itself, or In Ourself, remains Whole. Thus the literal and the Nonliteral Are One…for ultimately all is Nonliteral, purely Spiritual.

At this point, we can see God as both Deity and Nondeity, as both the Creator and the Creating. But even as the Creator, God is not doing magician tricks from on high, not manipulating the world from outside, like a tyrant, but influencing it, and us (the lesser us still being separate entities in space), from Within as our innermost Being. The Kingdom of God Is Within us through the literal manifestation (living metaphor) and Is Us as the Whole Consciousness (Reality) that gives Substance (Spirit) to the form. The dream (mind), then, is the universe outside (maya), and just is what it is, no problem. But we have forgotten who We Are Within: that We Are the Living Reality, the Creating itself that brings everything Alive…as every thing-event Is really One, Ourself as a Whole!

Thus without the dream (world), without doing anything to begin with, the lesser we would never come to realize the ego, by turning it in on itself, as the journey through our secondary selves, and the means of finding our way (path) Home…to Ourself as a Whole.

Divine And Human


How is it that the Divine, not to mention the universe, as well as, ourselves, remains an eternal mystery to the human material condition or literal mind? And once realizing, as science already has, that the literal mind is partial, which is to say, being not all there (not Whole Consciousness), and projects its own preconceptions onto thing-events, is not the problem, then, but a holding onto, and identifying with, a literal interpretation of the Divine, the universe and ourselves?

When one views the actual world with the eyes and intellect alone, one remains literal-minded, being caught up in the quality of a secondary and thus suppressed consciousness (ego). And, in so following an outside course, also experiences and interprets literally whatever is seen and thought, as that is where the mind remains centered…centered in the image, form, concept (thing-event) as an end in itself. Therefore, remaining literally stuck and complacent, one fails to penetrate beyond the object in space or subject in mind, not to mention, the actuality of cause and effect or lines of continuity. And when one identifies with, or seeks security in, what is seen and thought outside (sensory perception), not only is a false absolute created to whatever is experienced but one remains blocked off (blacked out) to the infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness and understanding Awareness that is one’s innermost Being and Source (Intuconscious Center). What here is called the Divine, the primary (but Nonliteral) Universe and Ourself as a Whole.

Yet, are We not already (and always have been) as a Whole Consciousness, the Buddha, the Christ, Krishna, or whatever Name for this that one prefers? The mystery seems to entail being both Divine and human…and at the same time. But how is this possible? Certainly not with a literal interpretation, which perceives all thing-events as relative, partial and temporal, not united, but remaining separate and outside each other, in fact, being neither solid nor absolute, as remains the case with sensory perception. And how can a human (ego) be the Divine (Nonego) literally, when the Divine transcends the human material condition or literal mind? Thus one lives in a divided world (mind) and split-consciousness.

So why interpret the Divine, the universe and ourselves literally? The world outside, including all our thoughts, emotions and personal experiences, may be actual, and indeed is, but they are not real, if by reality we mean that which just Is…Is the Totality of Being itself…Intubeing without beginning or ending, birth or death, past or future, remaining Whole, Complete, Absolute in itself. It is as if the world outside is a passing show, thing-events flashing on the screen of one’s mind (soul) like scenes in a movie or a dream, or as the Hindu sage says, life on earth is a game of hide and seek. The idea being to selflessly Realize and Live (Be) the Whole (the Divine) resting behind (through) all the parts, including our person (ego). But to literally believe that the person or the world outside can be the Divine (God) would be to some a blasphemy, not to mention, a dangerous form of insanity.

So, the Divine may be likened to the Tree of Life, and, subsequently, since there is only One Tree, One Spirit, One Soul, One Intelligence eternally Now, the Divine is producing or incarnating from Within itself the cosmic trunk, and all the branches, leaves and fruit manifested, but remains hidden from a literal view, and any attachment to sensory perception. Thus all the parts created, and the creation, that is, the one we experience literally with the senses as the actual, material universe, comes not into the world, but out of it, out of itself, thereby remaining incomplete (relative/partial/temporal). And when the old forms (masks) fall away, the Divine is reproducing or reincarnating, so to speak, new ones to replenish the outward design. But the Divine does not do so literally, not from outside creation but from Within itself, remaining Nonliteral…having no past or future, no cause and effect or outward line of continuity. Divinity Is Being the very Creating, Doing, Producing or Incarnating itself, as there is no duality nonliterally speaking, only Oneness (Whole Consciousness), only Now.

Thus the passing show is at best an analogy of life…but not Life itself or in itself: that is to say, a cosmic context (maya/creative illusion) through which we may, by surrendering our secondary consciousness and its literal interpretation, come to understand and just (first) Be our true Self (Awareness), which Is Selfless, never making a personal claim on any of the parts. By living an attitude (life) of nonattachment and holy indifference, then, the actual, literal world in ourselves may be totally embraced and consumed (transcended), thus uniting as a Nonliteral-literal Continuum (literal and Nonliteral Being ultimately the Same Wholeness), even as we Are already, and always have been, One selfless Realization and understanding Awareness that remains Ourself as a Whole (God).

All the religions of the world may be One yet are expressed through different contexts, having to do with cultural development. So, when will humanity finally see (live) through the literal perspective still conceived by our eyes and intellect alone, and selflessly Realize Ourself as the Nonliteral Perspective, resolving the mystery? The answer: when we have exhausted the alternatives: all those notions (metaphors) we still hold onto and identify with as being reality, thereby suppressing our own consciousness, and are finally ready and willing to face the open, natural and spontaneous Reality that We Are the Divine-human, Nonliteral-literal Continuum. For Such is not a concept or personal belief, but a Living Reality. Enough said.


To Know Is To Be The Knowing


To know is to Be the Knowing, not just the thinking; to do is to Be the Doing, not just the manipulating; to live is to Be the Living, not just the feeling. Therefore, there is no knower, doer or life apart from the Totality of Being, that is, apart from the Intubeing or Whole Consciousness itself or in itself, whose Center is everywhere (nonliterally speaking) and circumference nowhere (literally speaking).  Thus if one is not totally Being through whatever (thing-event), the Whole is not happening, such experience or awareness remaining partial, still only an image, form, concept (maya or creative illusion).

The actual world outside or literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) can be likened to a dark tunnel or passageway (psyche): when the soul or mind is seeing (knowing/doing/living) through the literal perspective in itself, one Is the selfless Realization or Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego), that is, the true Self, as the literal and the Nonliteral Are the same Reality or Whole Consciousness (Totality of Being). Thus it can be said, “on earth as it is in heaven”.

When one is completely willing or ready to embrace the Whole through whatever, trusting forever in the Now or ever-present, without thinking or desiring to, forgets (and thus allows) the person to recede, the soul, no longer suffering a split-consciousness or divided mind, Now Being the Whole (Awareness) itself or in itself, as everything is One, comes Alive as an infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness (God). The actual world has become like a passing show or, perhaps, like a dream: everything seemingly transparent, the Self, just Being through the thing-events, All there Is (the Knowing, Doing, Living itself). Thus it can be said that the actual world or literal perspective comes out of the Nonliteral Perspective, has its time, and then returns Intuself (Intubeing/Intuconsciousness/Intulife).

But how does one put Wholeness (Intubeing/Nonego) as Such, into words, which are only concepts (partial), and be understood? Concepts are not realities, only metaphors at best: they point to it but are not it. In Reality, there is no it; all that Is…Being the Knowing, Doing, Living itself or in itself. The difficulty here is literal interpretation. When one interprets something literally, one is bound to a partial view (experience/sensory perception) and remains brain-based, not Being-based. Thus it is said in The Heart Speaks, “change the way you see and you will change what you see, thus transforming yourself”. Allow yourself to See, that is to say, to selflessly Realize with your innermost Being, thereby dropping the image, form, concept that you think is your (separate) self, and you will just (first) Be…Being the pure Consciousness, Spirit, Intelligence (understanding Awareness) that Is.

We Are and everything Is God, that is, Being God: God not as a supernatural entity or creator in the literal, actual sense, not influencing the world from outside, but the Creating itself or in itself, influencing the world from Within, Being without beginning or ending, without the cycle of birth and death. God Is the infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness (Nonliteral Perspective/Nonthingness) Knowing, Doing, Living (Being) itself through (Within) all thing-events. Such is our true Self, which Is Selfless…our true Form, which Is Formless (literally speaking). Words are therefore used to suggest that which cannot be put into words but must be Living Reality, as to know is to Be the Knowing itself or in itself.

Be the Knowing itself or Living Reality and there is no need for a secondary consciousness (ego) to tell us that we know…that We Are the Knowing. All personal thoughts, feelings and experiences (opinions/beliefs/doubts/fears/desires/guilt), being relative, partial and temporal, are sensory perceptions having no lasting center or solid core, and therefore are maya (creative illusion) in relation to our true Self, who is never partial.  Thus the human condition as such, is the victim and the victimizer, the game we play on ourselves. See through the human condition (literal perspective) in yourself and BE Free! Such Is the Nonliteral Perspective…



Stepping Out Of The Past


The brain can be likened to a computer: it only knows what has been fed into it. Therefore, every image, form and concept is based in the past, in the brain, even what is called the present is a pattern or cyclic process of energy/consciousness being registered in the brain. Indeed, the literal perspective (duality, sensory perception, ego) is a delusion. But how so?

Consider a dream. What is true of any dream (split-consciousness) is that every person, place and thing in the dream is not really there. What is happening (moving) is delusion, but being captured by the sensory perception that is the substance (quality) of the dream, the dreamer believes that what he is experiencing is reality. But, in fact, the dreamer is still in bed–he hasn’t gone anywhere at all. With the mind so fragmented, the dreamer has unconsciously deceived himself for a time that he has. In a way, a kind of self-hypnosis takes place when losing wakefulness, consciousness suppressed (split) becoming the subconscious mind. In relation to whole consciousness then, the subconscious, seemingly complex, can be likened to the ego: it’s not all there.

Modern science has shown that everything experienced in the external world (literal perspective) is only a sensory perception, an electro-magnetic signal coming from the object in space going to the brain. One does not therefore experience the external world itself but the image the brain creates, and, consequently, what he does experience is not really there–but in his mind. Thus every thing-event experienced by the senses can be likened to waves on the ocean: the wind (world) breathes against the water (mind) and produces the waves (thing-events), as well as, the sense of continued outward motion. But the ocean itself has not moved unilaterally. The same can be said of space: all phenomena comes out of space and has its time and then returns into space, but the space, in being space, remains whole, complete in itself. Such is not another phenomena, that is to say, not another image, form or concept (duality). Accordingly, whole consciousness (totality of being) is the nonliteral perspective (oneness, nonsensory perception, nonego), a totally open, natural and spontaneous happening, or infinite stream of energy-consciousness.

A human being is a isolated point (separate entity) in space, and like all phenomena, has its time and then is no more. But the real (seeming) problem that all human beings get caught up (lost) in is in having (keeping) a literal interpretation of life and the world outside. For in remaining literal-minded, schooled from infancy in the dualism (abstraction) of language, human beings see, and thus interpret, everything in separation (everything being outside everything else) and think the actual, literal and partial world is reality. Thus in believing every verb must have a subject, they live the image, form and concept (sensory perception) of life and the world outside in place of the full reality (nonliteral perspective) behind and within them that gives rise to it. They are stuck in the past.

But how does one get unstuck?

By seeing and interpreting everything in separation (literally), one believes that one thing leads into another. And holding onto his past experiences, seeking his identity in them, one creates the sense of a personal continuity from birth to death. Yet this continuity is all in the past…all brain-based (sensory perception). What is totally now, that is, ever-present (whole consciousness), cannot be contained by any thing-event (partially) and remains lost to the literal mind. And even if he understands this matter intellectually, one will still get in his own way by trying to achieve the goal of living totally now…for the main obstacle he faces is himself as ego…and the need to step out of the past!

There is no lasting peace in a split-consciousness, in a divided mind (duality). When one desires to possess something or to achieve something apart from (and thus is not) himself, the self automatically interferes with the open, natural and spontaneous act of doing (being), of living totally now. So, if one is to be the nonliteral perspective, ever-present (the happening itself), one must surrender the need (ego) to be so. For the ego, being by nature of its own seeming partial, subjective and relative existence (literal perspective), is not capable of enlightenment (liberation)–of being whole consciousness. Thus one must step out of the past without needing too, as the ego must be taken out of the equation without any effort on the part of a separate self.

How is this possible?

This is where everything gets extremely subtle. When one spends the day meditating (living meditation), beginning to realize (not just choosing to believe but actually realizing) that every one of us is really whole consciousness (nonliteral perspective), that there is only the timeless now (no past or future in reality, no duality), without knowing how, suddenly the selfless realization of it all becomes him: that is, he is not having a realization, he Is the Realization! The pure understanding Awareness that just Is! The ego or split-consciousness can be said to turn in and pass through itself, living (being) through every thought, emotion and experience, but not holding onto or identifying with (possessing) any of it! Thus there is only the pure understanding Awareness (Whole Consciousness) itself, or in itself (Intubeing). It’s as though one is seeing from behind the eyes and from Within the thing-events of the day, through all his thoughts, feelings and personal experiences, but not desiring any of it for himself…for there is no separate self to hold onto! No personal claim on anything. There is only Now, the ever-present self that is Selfless!

Like the vampire being asked to meet the dawn (liberation), the ego is terrified of the thought, of total freedom. To the vampire’s literal mind this would be his own annihilation, and frightened to (living) death, desperately hurries back to his coffin, to his seeming safe shelter (protracted life). Likewise, the ego clings to the body, to the past. Identifying with the senses, believing what is brain-based is reality, the ego cannot see (live) the nonliteral perspective through himself and realize the whole consciousness (nonego) that just Is…Is the very essence behind and Within everything, yet is not anything, literally speaking!

Such is the human condition: desire, fear and death. Yet one is not really lost, only seemingly so. Stepping out of the past is why any of us are here, why any of us are anywhere. Like the vampire, each of us struggles as long as we think we must. But once we are ready to fully accept the truth about the human condition, in the process, stilling the mind, the selfless realization (nonliteral perspective) that Is becomes us, and living faith is now our strength and peace our refuge…even as Our true self Is Selfless, the Eternal Now, ever-present Totality of Being!

What Is It Like Being As Pure Awareness?


You are not having the experience, You Are the Experience! You are not having the vision, You Are the Vision, the Whole Consciousness, in this case, the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego)! Yet the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) is still there, outside of You, as it were, like a shadow (form), or a reflection (thought) in the mirror (mind), but seeing, living, being through it, so to speak, you, being also the person, remain nonattached. That is to say, the Center of Consciousness is everywhere nonliterally, but nowhere literally, as both Are the Same (Whole Consciousness/Intubeing). Indeed, emptiness and fullness Are the Same. All opposites Are the Same Unity, as there is no separation in pure Awareness; there is only the Knowing, Seeing, Being Awareness itself, or in itself (Absolute Relativity/Totality of Being).

Interestingly, being as pure Awareness, there is no personal I (me) to speak of. Thus, as you are not making any claim on anything, there is no personal memory of you doing, or saying, anything; it is as if everything does itself, as if there is only the Doing, the Seeing, the Being itself. That is what Is… Is pure Awareness, pure Spirit, pure Intelligence, the Real You, the Real Us, the Real God!

You, being as pure Awareness, expand and contract consciousness without fear. Thus, instead of having, you Are the very Sense of Well-Being (Whole Being). Nevertheless, as long as you retain a material body, you will pass in and out of Whole Consciousness. But over time, the personal aspect of you, being One with the Whole, will realize that it does not matter. A remnant of pure Awareness stays with you as a Presence in the forehead between the eyes, and thus using every thing-event as a means of inverting the mind and returning to the Source (Center), which is your (our) innermost Being, you come to fully (selflessly) Realize that the material world (divided consciousness) has no life, power or cause by itself, and need not fear any outcome. Such Is Liberation, Enlightenment…and your (our) true Self (Selfless)!

Being as pure Awareness is like Being Within everything and everything being within You.


Are You Ready To Lift The Veil?


Are you ready to lift the veil on your self-consciousness (ego) and reveal the emptiness behind that mask (person) who pretends to be real? Do you even recognize your self-consciousness being centered in the past? And can you acknowledge that the past is insubstantial? For though you may appear to be solid stuff, you too are illusory. Try bringing a single past event back into the present. You can’t. The past doesn’t create the present…and it certainly can’t hold on to it. O, you may try to repeat the past, but that’s another event, another matter. And as matter is always changing into something else, even as you are relative and temporal, are you ready to see (realize) that ultimately there is no matter..and no you as self-consciousness?

Self-consciousness can be likened to a dream. When dreaming, you think the dream, and the dreamer (duality), is real, because, having lost wakefulness, your subconscious mind has bought into the subconscious sensation that is the dream (literal perspective). You have identified with it and thus are consumed by it, being possessed (contained) by your own concept (projection) of the experience. You are not living Now…you are living the past, your own witness (sensory perception).  Indeed, you are living a secondary consciousness! Thus you need to ask yourself, “Why do I identify with the past and allow what I have done in the past define me? Hold on to me, and tag me, as it were, like a possession? And why do I allow this unstable captor (drive) to tell me who I am or am not, and what I know or don’t know? My god! is this not the cause of suffering?”

What is your answer? Can’t find any? Are you finally ready to fully accept and trust your innermost Being and live Now (Nonliteral Perspective), no longer holding on to, or blaming, some event in the past as being the cause of why you haven’t lifted the veil on your self-consciousness? In truth, everything starts Now. There is only Now! The past is dead, and the future is only an extension of the past. So it doesn’t matter.  What matters is right here and Now. Are you ready to face right here and Now without losing yourself in the matter? Have you made up your mind to define yourself by what you do Now? If so, then you are not defining yourself at all.

When you Awake in the dream, though still dreaming, as the body-mind must, you are no longer having a dream…you are the dream, the Whole Consciousness! Everything in the dream is Within you and Is You. But this You, being pure Awareness, is not personal but Intupersonal, not partial but the Totality of Being: the Self that is Selfless, the Form that is Formless, literally speaking. Thus you have no sense of yourself as the doer…and no need to define what is done, or discover an answer for it. It’s as if everything does itself. That there is only the Doing.  You Are Intubeing.

Now, are you ready to face the truth that your ego is only a projector, a dreamer? And that you, as ego or a secondary consciousness, do nothing…and have never done anything but project the dream. Thus transcendence is not an act of your ego. Ego cannot achieve it or possess it, cannot make it happen. Cause and effect does not apply when there is no duality. So let go of that separate entity in space or subject in mind…and just let Be. If you don’t identify with your self-consciousness, there’s no attachment to it, or to anything else. You are Free to live Now through whatever…and not worry about what becomes the past.

There Is No Escape


Day into night, night into day, every beginning having an ending and every ending bringing about a new beginning; so goes the universe and so goes our own lives on earth. It’s the dance of appearances, of experiences (sense perceptions), which end where they begin; but Energy-Consciousness, Spirit, Life itself continues. But don’t be fooled, there is no escaping this cyclic process inherent with the universe, and with us on earth. Thus the only Freedom from this process is the direct living experience (Awareness) of Life, that is, Being Life instead of having a life.

Events in our lives happen as they are meant to happen. We may think that we make the choices and decisions, that we are manipulating things, that we are in control, but nothing comes about that was not meant to be. Life itself (God) influences the universe from Within, not from outside. Thus our own personal choices and decisions may turn out well or not so well, it really doesn’t matter. For however they turn out, what matters is discovering that this is the path to Now (ever-present), that is, to Life itself or in itself. And there’s no escaping the path; indeed, the path is us. So, whatever the karma in play, this becomes our means of living meditation, even of returning to the sacred Heart and Center Within ourself. Thus whatever is happening to us this moment, we need not judge it, but to see it through, and whatever the result of our action, knowing it cannot be otherwise, finally surrender the need to change the world, to play God…and stop…our ego from running away with us.

There is no escape, there is only Now, the direct, open, most natural, spiritual Flow of Energy-Consciousness. Though invisible to the literal mind, it’s like space moves…and just Is…Is Awareness itself or in itself. Thus, in total acceptance of the thing-event that is this moment, abandoning ourself to the Now We Are through whatever is happening, we allow Now (ever-present) to come into full Focus; that is, directly experiencing selfless Realization, such Realization (Recognition) Is the real You, the real Us, God. It’s all the same Reality, as All Are One Totality of Being (Intubeing). O, what a hard lesson this is to learn, some will say. But Reality isn’t about learning it (ego)…but Being it (Nonego).

The Problem With Good And Evil


Drawing upon stories from primitive tribal life, ancient Egypt formulated the sacred teaching early on in their mythology-religion that light and darkness, day and night, were opposing elemental powers who fought each other in earth and heaven and the nether world: the dragon of darkness swallowed/crucified the divine light each night but that the savior light again rose up on the horizon of dawn as the resurrected day devoured the darkness. From such beginning in the creative mind of man, and the literal interpretations of elemental forces that followed, came man’s belief that dualisms of this sort opposed and fought each other for either the preservation or death of mankind. Thus the Horus (Jesus) legend as well as the popular collective (cultural) belief in good and evil was born.

Indeed, from the very beginning, the human ego was born out of, and contained by, the literal perspective, experiencing the outside world with the material senses, and thus interpreting the experience literally. Because of this very few of us even today are aware of the Nonliteral Unity behind every dualism and Within ourself. It’s so easy, then, having been born in separation (sin), to believe the literal, actual world of our mind is reality, those sense perceptions or electrical signals our brains receive from outside–and trapped by our own preconceptions formed from past experience and perpetuated by culture–to further believe that they are reality, too. Yet, as egos, we are subjective, relative, partial and temporal. We do not realize the Wholeness behind thing-events and Within ourself, but only interpret the same according to the way we individually see, and if we only see with the eye, then we see as through a mirror darkly (partially). So, in this secondary, limited literal mindset, we believe that the thing-event itself can be good or evil, not realizing that it is we who make (project) it seem so.

But the virtue and morality inherent with all thing-events is that they are just what they are. No moral judgment on our part, which is arbitrary at best, is necessary, and, at worst, being pretentious, often leads to suffering. When we see (fully realize) the truth of this, our interpretation of good and evil changes. Being no longer stuck (identifying) with a literal interpretation, we realize that good and evil is really Good-Evil, a Nonliteral Unity, not an actual duality, and not opposing each other at all. This is not to say that the good and evil, as we (ego) experience it, is not happening, but that we also realize the positive and negative aspects of the whole coin, so to speak, as representing a Positive-Negative Continuum or Harmony, and thus do not get attached to one side or the other.

To put this in another way, the selfless Realization of Good-Evil Being Complete in itself, does not divide consciousness into two separate or opposing states. It’s like seeing darkness as an extension of the light, that is, one with it; and evil as an extension of good. The two Are One (Whole), no longer separated from each other. Therefore the popular notions of good being conceptualized/projected as something wonderful and evil as something terrible vanishes. The dark side just is what it is, the shadow (negative) cast by the light or bright side (positive); evil just is what it is, the reduction of good. No projection of ego (separateness) upon either is necessary. One could even say that God, our innermost Being, is working through all literal thing-events (the dance of appearances and experiences) to bring us, the universal soul, to the Nonliteral Reality that We Are the Totality of Being, that is, God in man (or through) man! In other words, there Is only God, the pure Intelligence (Spirit) which Is: we, as egos, are and do nothing.

The problem with good and evil, then, by being interpreted literally, is that this distortion starts wars and perpetuates all kinds of hatred and violence, not to mention, other forms of aggression, as we see an enemy in the other, and, out of fear and insecurity, not to mention, hypocrisy, want to destroy the other. But what we are seeing are only aspects (shades) of ourself as ego, a divided mind, and though all of this is illusion (maya), by destroying the enemy we are actually destroying ourself. It’s the Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome.

Moment’s Eternity


Consider the beauty of a sunset. If this beauty were your conscious awareness right now, it would be because you are the beauty, the very quality itself (ourself), not the sunset, as such, not the form the awareness takes in symbolizing the beauty, but the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego). Likewise, such pure Awareness (our innermost Being)  expresses our Nonessentiality in many essential forms, but Suchness is not a form–and neither are we as a Whole.

In dropping the watcher (ego), the witness, in not conceptualizing the moment and then holding onto (identifying with) it as an end in itself, we remain the Nonliteral Perspective, the Seeing in itself, and intusee (live) ourself as a Whole…as the Totality of Being (pure Awareness/Intubeing). For even as beauty is the essential quality of the sunset, ourself as a Whole is the essential Quality or Nonessentiality of beauty. And thus throughout the day as thing-events come and go in our lives, even so the forms that pure Awareness (God) takes arises and passes away in our minds, but we remain as a Whole that very Awareness which Is.

We Are moment’s Eternity, the innate Being and Center of understanding Awareness that sustains every experience, the ever-present Reality that Rests Within every form of experience, the Living Truth that transcends every attempt by the ego to reach it. But the only way to know this ultimate Truth Is to Be the Truth, living Truth…and That is no conceptualization, no it, just pure Being. In Truth, then, Being all that We See, there is nothing to hold onto, no it to grasp; for in Being (Intubeing) Complete, the literal is Nonliteral, the material is Spiritual, the partial is Total, as all things are nonthings (Nonthingness), and we Are That!

So how do we step out of the ego, the void, the emptiness that is form (literal perspective), Into Being? Thus selflessly Realizing the Fullness (Suchness) of Life, that is, moment’s Eternity? We don’t…for there is nothing to step out of. There Is only Now! In the total acceptance (trust) of, and surrender to, our innermost Being (God), We already Are the direct Perception (Intuperception) or Reality (Realization) that just Is, Being Complete in itself, that is, Ourself (Totality of Being); and thus the split-consciousness, the watcher, the conceptualization, the partial/literal aspect of being is dropped as an end in itself (attachment). Now We See Ourself as all, as Whole Consciousness, Living/Being through the literal into the Nonliteral–and the seeming paradox is resolved.

It is therefore by the grace of God, our innermost Being, that we may Be both that Realization Within ourself and As Ourself; for both Are One Wholeness. And when we are ready, so too the possibility and potential for Nonsensory Perception (Nonliteral Perspective) lies ready Within each of us who opens his/her heart completely to Who and what we already (Intuconsciously) Are. It will happen. Bless each and every one.