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The Nonliteral Perspective


When we selflessly Realize that we Are pure Energy-Consciousness (Intuconsciousness) and not the form or conceptualization, Energy-Consciousness (Spirit,) like the reflector standing in front of a mirror knows he is the center of awareness (reality) and not his reflection, we are seeing/being (from Within) as the Nonliteral Perspective. That is to say, the reflection is ourself in the world (separate entity in space) and the Reflector Ourself through the world–through (Before) the mental/material conceptualization: selfless, formless, nonattached, holy indifferent, the pure Intelligence (Light-Conscious Energy) that Is, whereas the former, like a shadow, is only the partiality of being (body/personality), remaining outside the Whole.

Thus intuconsciously Realizing as the Nonliteral Perspective, we see (intusee) our object form and self-image as a living shadow (a spectral pattern and vibrating process of behavior) who daily confronts, penetrates, understands the subject matter from Within and thereby resolves by the grace of God (our innermost Being) any attachment to, or conflict with, the form or consceptualization outside. In this way (the Way of the cross), we live the Principal of Life (the Word), the Divinity in and through man (Christ Jesus/Buddha/Krishna, etc), as Such Is the Sacred Way (Tao) of all life.

Yet, in writing about Suchness one can only offer words (concepts), not the genuine article. so to speak, (Nonarticle/Quality) itself (Ourself as a Whole). No one can…as each of us needs to discover Suchness from Within ourselves and reflect the Same to the seeming outside world–though others may still remain unaware of Same in themselves. All forms, even our thoughts and emotions, are energies–and therefore as Energy-Consciousness Ourself (Nonego), mankind’s innermost Being Is the Totality of Being. The mental discrimination involved here is very subtle and, for that reason, may lead one to the liberation of the spirit from materialism, from any attachment to or conflict with the world outside, even from those thoughts and emotions considered as our own (ego).

Indeed, living religion/meditation/faith/life/God remains the only true Way! Because if ,one is not living/being Suchness then one is not Being in itself, Intubeing–as Suchness is the Happening (eternal Now) Within ourself and As Ourself. Thus in living/being totally, we selflessly Realize (Being) the Nonliteral Perspective (Nonsensory Perception); what many term Christ Jesus (God in/through man), the Word or Son (Life Principal) of God.


We start out thinking the thought and meditating on the matter. But, as we continue to mature in the living process of our meditation (inward penetration), we eventually drop the thought (image/form) and discover we are now living through the thought, being the very quality (understanding Awareness) of the experience, nonliterally speaking. For we no longer need to think of ourselves separately or make a personal claim on the image/form/concept–as we are first Being rather than thinking or doing first!

Just Being, or Intubeing Rests as the Center (Ground) of our Awareness, not the conceptualization of the Same, but the understanding Awareness in itself, in ourself as a Whole (Nonthingness). Thus it may be said: we Are what We See…for there’s no “it” in just Being, only Us, You, Me, God as a Whole! We See (Intusee) through everything from Within ourself and As Ourself (Nonliteral Perspective), not with the material senses (literal perspective), though the senses are still there, as the mind must continue to conceptualize; that’s its nature.

Such, then, Is true Enlightenment, and doesn’t call attention to itself. Suchness (Intubeing) doesn’t need to: Suchness just Is! Is everywhere nonliterally speaking, but nowhere literally speaking. Ego/personality has nothing to do with Suchness, accept in psychologically dying to itself, as the less there is of the part (partiality of being) the more there is of the Whole (Totality of Being). This is what the Way of the cross is all about. It’s the ego/personality that dies on the cross (to itself) and the Nonego (Intupersonality) or Divine Spirit that Lives (Resurrection)–as Suchness always will–for Life as a Whole (Intulife) can never die, only death (image/thought/form) dies.

Thus we are living Jesus, the Way of the cross: that is, we consciously confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness (Spirit discerning), resolve every attachment to and conflict with the thing-events of the day, of the ego/personality. This is what we mean by living meditation/religion/faith/life/God. All that we are Aware of comes from Within, from Who and what we conceptualize as God (Ourself as a Whole)–but which is not the concept. We know this when we drop the image/concept/form and watcher (ego)–and am just Being, Intubeing. At this point all words/thoughts/images become the Silence (Oneness/Wholeness/Nonthingness).