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O Immortal Soul

O immortal soul,

you are not the doer but the doing,

being completely right now;

doing whatever just for the sake of doing,

being whatever just for the sake of being.


In you we are a means of living meditation,

of being whole, right now;

thus we realize all things are within you

and are you, the selfless realization.


What we see outside is your material body,

the artful magic of your conception;

what we feel inside is your spiritual identity,

the direct experience of you flowing thru us

as the one consciousness who is all.


O immortal soul,

you are not the knower but the knowing,

the being we are…who is right now.

What Is It Like Being As Pure Awareness?


You are not having the experience, You Are the Experience! You are not having the vision, You Are the Vision, the Whole Consciousness, in this case, the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego)! Yet the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) is still there, outside of You, as it were, like a shadow (form), or a reflection (thought) in the mirror (mind), but seeing, living, being through it, so to speak, you, being also the person, remain nonattached. That is to say, the Center of Consciousness is everywhere nonliterally, but nowhere literally, as both Are the Same (Whole Consciousness/Intubeing). Indeed, emptiness and fullness Are the Same. All opposites Are the Same Unity, as there is no separation in pure Awareness; there is only the Knowing, Seeing, Being Awareness itself, or in itself (Absolute Relativity/Totality of Being).

Interestingly, being as pure Awareness, there is no personal I (me) to speak of. Thus, as you are not making any claim on anything, there is no personal memory of you doing, or saying, anything; it is as if everything does itself, as if there is only the Doing, the Seeing, the Being itself. That is what Is… Is pure Awareness, pure Spirit, pure Intelligence, the Real You, the Real Us, the Real God!

You, being as pure Awareness, expand and contract consciousness without fear. Thus, instead of having, you Are the very Sense of Well-Being (Whole Being). Nevertheless, as long as you retain a material body, you will pass in and out of Whole Consciousness. But over time, the personal aspect of you, being One with the Whole, will realize that it does not matter. A remnant of pure Awareness stays with you as a Presence in the forehead between the eyes, and thus using every thing-event as a means of inverting the mind and returning to the Source (Center), which is your (our) innermost Being, you come to fully (selflessly) Realize that the material world (divided consciousness) has no life, power or cause by itself, and need not fear any outcome. Such Is Liberation, Enlightenment…and your (our) true Self (Selfless)!

Being as pure Awareness is like Being Within everything and everything being within You.


The Seeing


Being Before any seer and that which is seen (sensory perception) is the Seeing (Nonsensory Perception) in itself. Even before the mind (mirror) registers the thought (reflection) of seeing, the Seeing, Being complete in itself, remains nonattached to the thought. Such is our inmost Center of Energy-Consciousness (Spirit) resting everywhere and nowhere. Thus the mind (soul) is a secondary movement that borrows (extends) from and depends on the Seeing (Being) for it’s own seeming (separate) existence.

The Seeing Is Knowing, and Knowing is our most natural/spiritual (primal) Intelligence: the Knowing (ever-present) Being before the knower and that which is known (the past), Intubeing the self that is Selfless, the form that is Formless, as Such was never born and will never die. Identify with That and we, too, are the Seeing (inmost Being), resting behind the eyes and within the heart of existence as the Nonliteral Perspective.

Ultimately there’s only the Seeing (Being), the Nonliteral Perspective (Intuperception), as Such remains the Nonactual Source out of which all actuality mental and material comes forth and returns into (arises and passes away), the essential Quality, that is, Nonessentiality resting within and behind all forms of awareness. Indeed, such pure Energy-Consciousness (Spirit) moves wholly within itself (ourself), just Seeing, first Being, the Knowing itself, the One that Is all. Identify with That and we are fully Awake, Alive, Aware and Whole, riding the dragon (energy), living the vision (consciousness), that is, ourself.

Therefore, Seeing/Knowing ourself as a Whole, Intubeing That which Is, pulsates the soul-purpose behind creation (the Creating). And when we are finally ready as a mind (soul) to fully Awake, to come totally Alive, to be Whole right Now, to just Be that understanding Awareness which Is Knowing itself (ourself) through all actuality, then the Heart Speaks (Center) and the barrier that is the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego)–our own projection/creation of mind–falls away as the other is seen through. Thus We Are Seeing/Knowing as the Whole Consciousness, as all is within Us…and Is Us!

Living Meditation


When you look at something, just see it as it is without projecting any preconception onto it, indeed, without thinking anything. Let that original perception be the start of your meditation and center yourself on the stillness within. After a short pause, your mind will automatically project a concept of what it is that you are seeing, a “now” concept, not a preconception held onto from past experience. But whatever the concept, don’t identify with it, don’t hold onto it or possess (desire) it as an end in itself, as a reality. For whatever is outside you–and that includes your personal thoughts, feelings and experiences–remain at best, extensions of you, but is not you. You are the center of intelligence (being), not what you see or experience.

It’s like standing in front of a mirror, what you observe is only a reflection in the mirror, the real you is the pure intelligence (spirit) that observes. And as the ultimate mirror is the mind, your personal thoughts, feelings and experiences, as well as all images and forms, are only reflections (extensions) in the mind–and the physical universe but a shadow world. And yet, by dropping any attachment to these images, forms and concepts (reflections), that is, not identifying with them, they can become a means of meditation through which you may return to the Source within you, which is the real You, our innermost Being and pure Awareness in itself, or that which Is, whose Center is everywhere nonliterally speaking, and nowhere literally speaking. Such is living meditation.

Now, by living an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference, you remain free to engage life’s activities, or free not to, without feeling separated from the Whole (One) Consciousness that we are. And, at times, since you are no longer interfering with the open, most natural, spiritual Flow of Energy-Consciousness, our inmost Being may reveal to you from within–and through the material (means) outside–living insights into our true self, which is Selfless, into our true form, which is Formless. You will be living the Unity behind the seeming duality of life, the Spirit behind the seeming material of life, the Nonliteral Perspective behind the seeming literal perspective (ego) of life. You will Be One with God, the real You (Totality of Being). Such is living meditation.

A Way Of Being


Want to overcome evil in the world? Then you need to overcome good as well. Want to overcome wrong in the world? Then you need to overcome right as well. Want to overcome negative in the world? Then you need to overcome positive as well. Want to overcome “this” in the world? Then you need to overcome “that” as well. So long as we remain bound to duality, then along with success, gain and life, failure, loss and death will be our reckoning as well. For you cannot have one without the other.

But, of course, we deny “this” and say “that” will prevail, because we still identify with that…and thus feed it our life’s energy. Yet, this and that are two sides of the same living principal–and the Eternal Principal in ourself Is a unified Whole, not partial (incomplete) in any way. But again, we deny this by our actual behavior rather than see through our self-created attachments and preconceptions. So we continue to suffer the pain (and karma) of our own blindness and ignorance. Dr. Jekyll saw himself as good and therefore denied the evil aspect (dark side) in his human nature when it arose–and Mr. Hyde was born.

Likewise, most of us play the image (media) game in life and feed that very image/concept/form the power which appears to overwhelm us emotionally at times, and so we choose to flee from the confrontation with ourself (our life’s energy). But no one can escape the self! Ultimately, the self is selfless and a liberation. But, to know the selfless is to Be Selfless! Free of our attachments  and conflicts with the images/concepts/forms of life.

Such is a Way of Being, not just thinking. And as the self is the true cross, the Way of the cross is to consciously confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness coming from Within, resolve our attachment to and conflict with whatever comes before us in space or in mind. Such is a living/being meditation, ever constant, activated by and through every thing-event of the day.

Therefore, to the degree that we consciously accept ourself as we are this moment, and without morally judging, take up our cross and see through our own duality, sensory perception and ego–thus nailing to the cross all that goes with it (absorbing life’s energy and automatically transmuting it)–we will no longer continue to haunt the mind and be victimized by our own ego-satan! Freedom from suffering is not a gift (understanding) from outside of us, but from God, our innermost Being!

If there is ever to be a real peace in the world, we will need to Be that Peace! A living/being Peace. And Such can only Be when we selflessly accept the true cross of forgiveness and thereby overcome our identification with duality, sensory perception and ego (the literal perspective). Then both the quality and perception of good and evil, right and wrong, positive and negative, this and that, are no longer seen as opposites (being outside of, and in conflict with, each other) but, in having changed their quality and dimension of perception (the Nonliteral Perspective)–as a unified Whole (Being wholly Within)! And in being no longer attached to the image/concept/form (partiality) of life, we remain Free to use whatever to express the Love and Peace of our innermost Being (Wholeness).

Where Is Being?


Being in itself (ourself as a Whole) Is Before (greater than) experiencing, Before what is called duality/sensory perception/ego. For in knowing the Whole (the One) to be greater than the part, is not the Whole of you More (Before) than any image, form or concept of yourself? Just as Consciousness is greater than any content of consciousness, Mind greater than any projection/sensation of mind, Truth greater than any context of truth, Space (Spirit) greater than any object in and of space, the unified Field greater than any particle-wave in and of the field?

The Totality of Being (Intubeing) Is without beginning or ending and thus, like an uncarved Block, not outside of us–but wholly Within (everywhere nonliterally speaking and nowhere literally speaking)–Being Nonliteral, purely Spiritual (Nonego). So Breathes our innermost Being…who just Is.