There are several ways of saying this, but they all come down to the same thing: knowing Who and what we really Are.

It seems that the most difficult thing for us to do is to just Be…ourself…Ourself as a Whole. From the moment we are born on earth, culture pressures us to conform to a preconceived image of who and what culture thinks we should be: to make us a product of cultural programing and packaging. This is the ego/personality/satan aspect in us trying to sell the product…to manipulate, control and exploit fate arbitrarily, even collectively, instead of being at one with it.

Yet, to see (live) and pass through our own ego–and its exploitation of the environment (including everyone in it)–thus automatically transmuting the energy that is our life from literal to nonliteral, from material to spiritual, from personal to intupersonal, is to Be Enlightenment (understanding Awareness)…to Be (live) in the ever-present (Nonego), Being (living) as the most Natural, Spontaneous Flow that is Life in itself (Ourself). For in Knowing Who and what we really Are, we are no longer centered (caught up) in the thing, in the past (ego), in sensory perception and duality, but remain Free through the same,  as our innermost Being Is without any attachment to, or conflict with, culture (the world outside).

Thus Enlightenment is the ability to see (intusee) what has always been there.