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One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present, even as the literal and the Nonliteral, the material and the Spiritual, the partiality and the Totality remain the Same Oneness Complete in itself, without another. That is to say, We, as the Whole, Are Awareness itself, or In itself, not the forms that Such gives rise to. Thus we, as another, in identifying with the form, do not come into the world but out of it, do not come into life when born, but are born out of it, out of the Suchness that Is pure Awareness. Indeed, we, as separate entities in space, seem to have our time and then pass back into the One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present. Ultimately, then, Oneness Breathes as the only Reality, Being Awareness itself, or In itself (Intubeing), the We that Is always Now.

An analogy: life on earth can be compared to a dream and enlightenment to waking up in the dream. When one Awakes while still dreaming, while still having a body registering the five physical senses, one realizes self not as the dreamer but as the dreaming itself, that is to say, as Awareness itself rather than as the form or sensory experience being dreamt or projected, which must fade out with time. For every thing-event in the dream is not outside the dream but within the dreaming, within oneself now realizing as the whole dream.

In this analogy, there is only the Self, as every thing-event remains Within the Awareness itself and As the Awareness, not as something or someone separate from. Thus the literal perspective of duality, sensory perception and ego no longer hides, like a mask, the Enlightenment or Nonliteral Realization of Oneness, Nonsensory Perception and Nonego. Likewise, multiple thing-events and causes occurring in the dream or, for that matter, on earth, are no longer understood as such, but as One Happening Within that total Self which is Selfless…that total Form which is Formless. Ultimately, then, every thing-event is Nonliteral, even the literal…every thing-event is Spiritual, even the material…every thing-event is the Totality, even the partial.

When one comes fully Awake, Alive and Whole, there is no personal consciousness that remembers; for memory is brain-based, centered in the past, and Oneness, being ever-present, transcends the literal mind or person and does not need a secondary consciousness or ego to tell Living Awareness that Such knows…for Suchness Is the Knowing itself. Thus, when returning to the person, an adjustment has to be made. For though one retains a remnant of Awareness itself, the person was not consciously there to make a claim on the experience, and lacking a personal sense of doing something, often wants to double check oneself on what actually took place. Like becoming the environment, though one is the awareness of everything coming down, it is like everything does itself…everything¬† just happens. Even the person now selflessly realizes the One Life, Power and Cause that is Awareness itself: Such Is Ourself as Whole Consciousness and innermost Being (God)!

And even while still with the body, one feels the continuing Presence between the eyes that signifies our innermost Being, remaining open in mind and spirit to the We that is wholly Within. Thus in daily drawing, centering the person to the Presence, ever waiting on the next realization, or, if you prefer, waiting on the Lord, one lives meditation, as everything becomes a means of meditation and, sometimes, sudden realization. And though the person may remain light, airy and elevated throughout the day, when identifying as persons, we are nothing, we do nothing…Awareness itself, or In itself, Is All!

Therefore, knowing the dreaming, as such, to be creative illusion (maya), one lives an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference, remaining free not only to go or do without whatever but free to go or do with whatever, as all opposites are but two sides of the same coin, the same Oneness. Thus is the dream, as well life on earth, always a means, never an end in itself (false absolute), and realizing this, one does not take life literally but interprets the same Nonliterally. Indeed, even as life on earth is only, at best, an analogy of the One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present, we no longer cling to the concept, and our dream state with it, returning Home.


In Dreaming We Are An Open Book


I have been aware of my dreams for years. And though most dreams might not seem particularly significant, in fact quite zany, some not only tell me symbolically what is presently going on in my subconscious but have revealed past incarnations, out of body experiences, direct insights into the human psyche and, on very rare occasions, a revelation from God, our innermost Being. I even dreamt verses of poetry which became part of my first book The Heart Speaks.

Thus dreams have been a very important part of my life: an avenue into self…into what lies so deep as through self-consciousness (ego). Sometimes my dreams are like movies, mostly adventure, and often I am the hero facing some dread and conquering it or saving a damsel in distress. At other times, I am a superman doing incredible feats and know myself to be immortal. Indeed, at times I am even aware of myself being everyone and everything in the dream; that there is only the “happening”. I look forward to going to sleep at night because some dreams can be so vivid and exciting. But I also look forward to waking up in the morning because I can take that same spirit with me to meet the day.

The insights that have come to me in dreams have changed my life. They have not only shown me hidden attachments and conflicts but what is going to happen because of them…only later to realize that they came true. In fact, no dream has ever lied to me. In some dreams I am even aware that I am dreaming, but have no fear because I know we are more than the dream, that the dream is only a context through which our Spirit (innermost Being) communicates with the shadow us, the dreamer.¬†

I am always contemplating something or meditating just before going to bed, so that probably sets my mind in a proper mode for remembering my dreams and allowing me to be receptive to them. Acceptance and trust is most important. If I want an answer to, or an insight into, something, I will think deeply about it before retiring and then drop the thought completely. Often the answer or insight will show up in a dream, the discernment unmistakable.

I cannot suggest too strongly the need to remember our dreams. This is something we can do for ourselves that will not only help us to better understand what we are thinking and feeling but actually improve our well-being in giving us a creative, confident and healthy attutude to meet the day. Dreams can change our life!