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How Do We Die While Living, And Meet God?


By practicing a living discipline of confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding coming from Within (spiritual discernment, which is to say, Spirit discerning), resolving through every thing-event of the day our attachment to and conflict with the ego/personality (contraries of human nature). This path may be called a “psychological death”, as we are letting go (ceasing to identify with) our object self (image/form) and seeing/being through (Before) the ego or conceptualized consciousness: this may also be referred to as the Way of the cross, for the crucifixion and death of the ego, even psychologically, represents an interior but living process of sublimation and transformation, fulfilled by the “awakened” psyche (soul) and terminating in a “rest” or release.

Thus we are not prejudging or projecting preconceptions onto the subject matter, but trusting completely in God, our innermost Being. Indeed, our Center of Awareness, Being Awareness in itself, is no longer the body but through the body, no longer the personality but through the personality (ego), in the spirit/space/mind/energy-consciousness as a Whole (Nonego). So Rests God in man (Christ Jesus)…not God as man or the personality. For when the person psychologically dies to himself as a separate entity in space and mind, God (Christ) comes Alive in (through) man (Jesus)!

Does The Evidence Of God’s Being Exist In Our Own Heart? Are We God?


As only the heart knows, God Is our innermost Being, the Totality of Being (Intubeing), Nonliteral, Nonsensory, Intupersonal, without attachment to or conflict with any thing-event, and therefore the ultimate Center/Heart of Awareness (Nonliteral Perspective).

When we See (Realize) through our own personality or ego, thus putting to Rest that separate selfhood (the true crucifixion), we Are living God in man (Christ Jesus), as you and we and God become (as they have always been) the same Essential Quality (Nonessentiality) or Spirit (Oneness/Wholeness). Remember, the Center of Awareness Rests Before (through) the thing-event, and is not the thing-event, not anything mental or material outside.

It would be like a singular cell (concept) of the body (mind) coming into Full Body/Mind (Andro-Cosmic) Consciousness, in Essence, Selflessly Realizing the Great Singularity (God) from Within. The cell (soul) would see (live) through all aspects of the Body/Mind Continuum as a Whole, intubeing the Body/Mind Ourself (Nonliteral Perspective)–and not just a particular aspect (literal perspective) of the Body/Mind. Or, to put this in another way, it would be like an object in space becoming Aware of the Space (Spirit) as a Whole: our understanding Awareness would penetrate all objects (concepts) in space (mind), as the Center would Be everywhere and nowhere. Such pure Awareness (Intelligence) would Be Nonsensory, Being (Intubeing) the Subject-Object, Energy-Consciousness Continuum Ourself rather than a place or time or mental/material body outside Ourself.

But pure Awareness can only be realized by first confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding, resolving our split in consciousness (duality/sensory perception/ego) through every moment we live. So, if we are not living/being whatever we don’t know whatever as Ourself, as God. The true Way of the cross, then, is a living cross who leads our soul Into Consciousness (Intubeing). Thus the true Resurrection Is the Selfless Realization of Ourself (pure Spirit) as the Totality of Being (God)! For by fulfilling the Way of the cross through our own existence on earth, we don’t have–BUT ARE–understanding Awareness (Living Jesus), nonliterally speaking.