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Why Are We As Humans Self-Destructive?


In short, because most of us, in identifying with the material body and personality as ourself,  remain self-centered, contained and thus dominated by our own life’s energy–and with the literal perspective that comes with it (maya). Thus we are a tyrant first unto ourselves, then unto others, as one projects outwardly what’s already going on inside; or, in taking the reverse course, we allow others to tyrannize us even as we victimize ourself from within, most probably out of a sense of guilt, as we see ourselves, and the world around us, as being less than divine.  From there the pattern of our behavior is set, and being reinforced over the years, becomes our basic character.

However, our true self is selfless, the Totality of Being (Nonliteral Perspective); yet, as human beings (conceptualized consciousness), we are born as partialities (personalities), cut off from Total (understanding) Awareness (Intuself). This split in consciousness or division in mind is what was originally meant by the phrase “original sin”, for having forgotten, with the “plunge into the senses”, Who and what we really Are, in our ignorance (self-consciousness) have spun (projected) a pretender (ego) as ourself who, in believing his will comes first (false absolute)–must eventually come undone–as anything that has a beginning must have an ending.

The gospel story in the Bible is about a man who devotes his life on earth to confronting, penetrating, understanding and resolving the contraries of his ego (satan) existence through every activity of the day (living meditation/religion/faith/life/God). It’s called the Way of the cross: the psychological process by which we transmute the living energy that we are from literal to nonliteral, from material to spiritual, from personal to intupersonal. This is why we are here: to make ourselves Whole (One) again.




O, how we humans will believe in and cherish a myth, a mere concept, as if our identity is sustained by holding onto a seeming sacred object, only possessing in the end, in the mind, our own emptiness.

O, how we humans will chase after and attempt to collar a myth, a mere image, as if our identity is sustained by lusting for a seeming attractive object, pursuing and, maybe, capturing, in the end our own loneliness.

O, how we humans will see and support a popular myth, a mere perception, as if our identity is sustained by projecting on the screen of our mind a seeming favorite object, only idolizing in the end our own nothingness.

O, how we humans will rationalize and justify hostile behavior for the sake of ideology, a mere myth, as if our identity is sustained by doing violence to another seeming object, only making war in the end on our own consciousness.

O, what fools we humans be!