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The Whole That I Am


As life is not the object (body/form) but the Space (Spirit) that we Are, our very Being rather than the image (conceptualization), knowing comes from Within, from the Whole that I Am, that We Are, not from outside of us. The person is but a shadow (partiality), the Spirit its Light (Totality). And when we enter into the Light we breathe the Space and we Are the Space, the Whole Consciousness I Am (Nonego/God).

This is resurrection! Not a resurrection of the shadow, and all the suffering that comes with it, but of the Light, even our Lord and innermost Being. Thus, to Rest through myself the person and know ourself as a Whole (Spirit), is to Live the Principal of Life, God in man (Christ Jesus).

The path reveals itself in many forms but at the Heart of each is the Way of the cross: consciously confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding coming from Within, resolving any attachment to and conflict with the thing-events set before us. Such is living/being meditation/religion/faith/life/God: an unbroken psychological process and pattern of sublimation and transmutation which opens up and releases the energies of the individual mind or divided ego (complexity) to journey into and through itself, that we may, in a selfless mode or intustate of nonattachment and holy indifference, transcend the human material but lesser dimension of mind, and spiritualize as living light!

I Am And We Are


I am in you and you are in me
and we Are in ourself as a Whole:
Life Is One
Nonliteral, purely Spiritual.

If you want to know Who and what I am,
you first need to know Who and what you are,
as understanding Awareness remains as a Whole
the essential Quality that we Are.

Such is therefore wholly Within us and Is Us,
even our Lord and innermost Being:
the invisible Presence/Andro Cosmic Peace
Intuconsciously Streaming
without departing from the Tao,
Being right Here, right Now!

This innate Knowing or Spirit discerning,
Intubeing Nonliteral, purely Spiritual,
is not a how-to exercise but the Way of.

Thus being witness to, and a messenger of,
the Living Principal and Potential that Rests In all of us,
I am not your guru, master or teacher;
I do not belong to any official group or institutional church;
I do not follow any political spin or cultural programing…
nor believe in any arbitrary system or control.

I am living religion/meditation/faith/life/God;
and so would you if only you knew
Who and what you Are…
that I Am…that God Is.

For this Living Knowledge of which I speak Is Us,
and the true Way of the cross called Living (Christ) Jesus.