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To Know Is To Be The Knowing


To know is to Be the Knowing, not just the thinking; to do is to Be the Doing, not just the manipulating; to live is to Be the Living, not just the feeling. Therefore, there is no knower, doer or life apart from the Totality of Being, that is, apart from the Intubeing or Whole Consciousness itself or in itself, whose Center is everywhere (nonliterally speaking) and circumference nowhere (literally speaking).  Thus if one is not totally Being through whatever (thing-event), the Whole is not happening, such experience or awareness remaining partial, still only an image, form, concept (maya or creative illusion).

The actual world outside or literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) can be likened to a dark tunnel or passageway (psyche): when the soul or mind is seeing (knowing/doing/living) through the literal perspective in itself, one Is the selfless Realization or Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego), that is, the true Self, as the literal and the Nonliteral Are the same Reality or Whole Consciousness (Totality of Being). Thus it can be said, “on earth as it is in heaven”.

When one is completely willing or ready to embrace the Whole through whatever, trusting forever in the Now or ever-present, without thinking or desiring to, forgets (and thus allows) the person to recede, the soul, no longer suffering a split-consciousness or divided mind, Now Being the Whole (Awareness) itself or in itself, as everything is One, comes Alive as an infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness (God). The actual world has become like a passing show or, perhaps, like a dream: everything seemingly transparent, the Self, just Being through the thing-events, All there Is (the Knowing, Doing, Living itself). Thus it can be said that the actual world or literal perspective comes out of the Nonliteral Perspective, has its time, and then returns Intuself (Intubeing/Intuconsciousness/Intulife).

But how does one put Wholeness (Intubeing/Nonego) as Such, into words, which are only concepts (partial), and be understood? Concepts are not realities, only metaphors at best: they point to it but are not it. In Reality, there is no it; all that Is…Being the Knowing, Doing, Living itself or in itself. The difficulty here is literal interpretation. When one interprets something literally, one is bound to a partial view (experience/sensory perception) and remains brain-based, not Being-based. Thus it is said in The Heart Speaks, “change the way you see and you will change what you see, thus transforming yourself”. Allow yourself to See, that is to say, to selflessly Realize with your innermost Being, thereby dropping the image, form, concept that you think is your (separate) self, and you will just (first) Be…Being the pure Consciousness, Spirit, Intelligence (understanding Awareness) that Is.

We Are and everything Is God, that is, Being God: God not as a supernatural entity or creator in the literal, actual sense, not influencing the world from outside, but the Creating itself or in itself, influencing the world from Within, Being without beginning or ending, without the cycle of birth and death. God Is the infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness (Nonliteral Perspective/Nonthingness) Knowing, Doing, Living (Being) itself through (Within) all thing-events. Such is our true Self, which Is Selfless…our true Form, which Is Formless (literally speaking). Words are therefore used to suggest that which cannot be put into words but must be Living Reality, as to know is to Be the Knowing itself or in itself.

Be the Knowing itself or Living Reality and there is no need for a secondary consciousness (ego) to tell us that we know…that We Are the Knowing. All personal thoughts, feelings and experiences (opinions/beliefs/doubts/fears/desires/guilt), being relative, partial and temporal, are sensory perceptions having no lasting center or solid core, and therefore are maya (creative illusion) in relation to our true Self, who is never partial.  Thus the human condition as such, is the victim and the victimizer, the game we play on ourselves. See through the human condition (literal perspective) in yourself and BE Free! Such Is the Nonliteral Perspective…



The Seeing


Being Before any seer and that which is seen (sensory perception) is the Seeing (Nonsensory Perception) in itself. Even before the mind (mirror) registers the thought (reflection) of seeing, the Seeing, Being complete in itself, remains nonattached to the thought. Such is our inmost Center of Energy-Consciousness (Spirit) resting everywhere and nowhere. Thus the mind (soul) is a secondary movement that borrows (extends) from and depends on the Seeing (Being) for it’s own seeming (separate) existence.

The Seeing Is Knowing, and Knowing is our most natural/spiritual (primal) Intelligence: the Knowing (ever-present) Being before the knower and that which is known (the past), Intubeing the self that is Selfless, the form that is Formless, as Such was never born and will never die. Identify with That and we, too, are the Seeing (inmost Being), resting behind the eyes and within the heart of existence as the Nonliteral Perspective.

Ultimately there’s only the Seeing (Being), the Nonliteral Perspective (Intuperception), as Such remains the Nonactual Source out of which all actuality mental and material comes forth and returns into (arises and passes away), the essential Quality, that is, Nonessentiality resting within and behind all forms of awareness. Indeed, such pure Energy-Consciousness (Spirit) moves wholly within itself (ourself), just Seeing, first Being, the Knowing itself, the One that Is all. Identify with That and we are fully Awake, Alive, Aware and Whole, riding the dragon (energy), living the vision (consciousness), that is, ourself.

Therefore, Seeing/Knowing ourself as a Whole, Intubeing That which Is, pulsates the soul-purpose behind creation (the Creating). And when we are finally ready as a mind (soul) to fully Awake, to come totally Alive, to be Whole right Now, to just Be that understanding Awareness which Is Knowing itself (ourself) through all actuality, then the Heart Speaks (Center) and the barrier that is the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego)–our own projection/creation of mind–falls away as the other is seen through. Thus We Are Seeing/Knowing as the Whole Consciousness, as all is within Us…and Is Us!