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Mankind Is Turning In On Himself (part two)


When we prejudge or project a preconception onto any subject matter, we are suppressing our own consciousness, attempting, even unconsciously, to contain our very life’s energy with the concept, to hold onto it, as it were; thus we entrap ourselves with the projection. Worse still, if we then “identify” with the subject matter, we become hooked on it, that is, it becomes part of our self-image, even unconsciously, and the energy rebounds on us, creating a condition of self-victimization.

Mankind is turning in on himself! On the very energy that he has contained with the universal conceptualization of himself (ourself) as separate entities in space and mind (collective self-image), and thus being centered in the physical body (outside the spirit), remains hooked on the same. And since, out of fear and insecurity, and a low esteem of himself (seeing the world in himself as less than divine)–all of which constitute his “guilt” (sense of separate selfhood)–he would rather “cut and run” from any confrontation with his own projection instead of meeting this intimidation head on, and by Way of the cross, transmute the energy unto God (our innermost Being),  freeing his members from their own ego-satan. Mankind has, in effect, learned emotionally to hate himself for his own moral cowardise!

Of course, man will not consciously admit this to himself, and so, by remaining centered in a state of denial, he waxes hostile in relation to anyone or anything that seemingly brings up this estranged emotion (energy), whether only in thought or by interaction, that rages in his heart. But others are only a mirror unto himself, and when he condemns others, even lashing out at them for what he is seeing in himself, man is condemning himself (ourself) collectively! In time the pattern of his behavior becomes obsessive-addictive, as the repetition takes him (us) further out of control. Thus it’s the energy that drives him…he does not drive the energy.

But hypocrisy is a crime against the soul, and against each other, thus against God, our innermost Being. In living the image of life as reality, by containing the very energy that is life (ourself) instead of allowing such to flow freely back into God, we are manipulated, controlled and exploited by it, that is, by our own projection (ego)! We have turned the same into satan, so-called, and ego-satan judges us guilty! So we must suffer our own ignorance, nailing Jesus to the cross again and again! Indeed, our hypocrisy, and the struggle that goes with it, rules the world, and is the suffering that defines and frames the human material condition. And it’s all coming to a head! Because mankind (and that means each of us) cannot escape himself (ourself). We are the pattern and character of our behavior: as we live so are we!

Now, if we were to study alcoholism, and see it as a pattern of behavior or process of living, we would come to realize its self-destructiveness. Likewise, if we observe and study mankind in the world outside as a collective pattern of behavior or process of living (egoism), we would come to realize man’s (our) self-destructiveness. The human material condition is out of control; it always has been. But what’s different now is that the world outside (sense of spaciousness) is shrinking, and there’s nowhere outside to go anymore to escape ourself as ego-satan. So, with the expanded development and heightened sensitivity of modern culture (bigness), there’s a constant encroachment of our space, even of ourself. Thus, if we want to be free of our own self-victimization we will have to confront, penetrate, understand and resolve our own attachment to and conflict with the ego/personality, and the image (individual and collective) that we think is ourself.

For there is no deliverance from our guilt, and our sense of a separate selfhood, with any agency outside our innermost Being! Freedom from want can’t be given to us or guaranteed by another, not by governments, organized religions,  social institutions and groups or persons of any kind. Even man’s law is only as good or as evil as man is himself. Freedom from want is living Free, Free of our own self-destructiveness and suffering (ignorance). If we are not living Free, Freedom from want is not happening!

Thus I often speak of the Way of the cross as a Way of living, not as a single historical event or a single historical person. The Principal of Life or inner Christ (Buddha, Krishna, Tao, Word, etc) is the Living Potential Within all of us. In the gospel story the man Jesus (even as a myth) represents a living example of one who is fulfilling through his own existence on earth the Way of the cross, of living Life, not the image of life (living death). He has seen through the image (creative projection), and selflessly Realizing ourself as a Whole, transmuted his (our) very life’s energy: I am in you and you are in me and we are in ourself as a Whole. Life Is One…Nonliteral, purely Spiritual.

We cannot escape ourself! The pattern of our individual and collective behavior is coming full curcle, as it must, to be transformed. In time we will have to face ourself, and what we see will be mankind’s judgment on himself (ourself)! For we are what we see, what we are living: that’s who (pattern/character) and what (process/condition) we are. And there’s no escaping that!

Mankind Is Turning In On Himself


Mankind is turning in on himself (most of us identify with the body/personality as the center of awareness)! Indeed, man’s own (collective) sense of selfhood (ego-satan), of being separate entities in space who are solidly fixed in mind, like individual blocks of stubborness (thus standing apart from God, the Totality of Being), is rapidly speeding forward (and thus out of control) at a very alarming rate, escalading from normal levels of neurotic behavior to extreme states of obsessive-addictive stupidity. Like a planetary “selfoholic”, mankind ever seeks by whatever means (legal or otherwise) to escape (deny) his present condition rather than confront it, and by so confronting, consciously accept that, at least for the present, there’s a global problem with “us”, man’s own functioning in this world (modern culture) as the human species, and that this “living crisis” needs his (our) full attention.

But mankind wants what he wants, and he wants it now! Like a child who has been spoiled by, or deprived of, parental authority, he can’t stop his craving for whatever (gratification), nor take personal responsibility for his regressive behavior. He lacks emotional maturity, of course, but also a clear sense of direction of where he’s going, and even where he’s been; yet worse still, having been raised in modern culture to do his own thing, even at the expense of others, he rejects the emotional stability (balance) that would allow him to discover within himself a state, even a collective state, of peace and healthy disposition that would manifest outwardly as a matter of character, kindness, generosity and a loving human nature, concerned about the welfare of others–though they may disagree with his own view of the world. But, lacking emotional and cultural stability (tolerance), he must gratify the willful behavior that he thinks, and has been led by culture to intellectually believe, is himself, his true identify. And, like a slave must obey his master, the man-child only pretends to be an adult, seeking in every way he can to appease this self-created pressure (superego) that assails him, and by remaining in denial, arbitrarily projects his willfulness on others as on himself!

Yet mankind wants release from that pressure (life’s energy), from what he believes is being leveled on him from outside, from events registered by his psyche as other than himself, and he wants that release now! But his lack of self-discipline and personal integrity, being a form of self-indulgence, with underlining arrogance, only blinds and binds him to his own willful pattern of victimization even more. Thus he must continue to project onto–and then crave release from–whatever the icon (archetype) is in his mind that unconsciously signifies what is actually his own manipulation, control and exploitation of himself (culture), thus rationalizing, justifying and legalizing, if possible, his own obsessive-addictive behavior (escapism/materialism/egoism) in the psychological process.

And so it is that those individuals who we like to think are responsible for making the rest of us feel guilty and insecure, conscious of our own emotional instability (and with our denial of the same, our own hypocrisy), must be made to pay the price! How dare they say it to our face, even oppress us (or so we think) with what they call the truth. It’s not the truth! We don’t believe in their truth! We don’t have to! So screw their truth! In fact, to achieve peace, these oppressors must be brought down, even destroyed, if necessary! They are evil incarnate, and would take away our freedom to pursue our own happiness, to live the life we choose–and live it in the way that pleases us. Good or bad, it’s our choice to make…our individual and collective right! It’s o.k. to do whatever we want whenever we want to do it. Anyone who says otherwise is an oppressor, and should be attacked as such! So says the man-child among us.

Now, along with this behavior, there are those who are very clever with words. They write and pass laws and legislation, publish articles in books, magazines, newspapers and on computer blogs, host television and radio talk shows, agree to rules and contracts, and then, like a delayed adolescent, fail to live up to their responsibilities in the matter. That is, they say one thing and then do another, as they have no intention of following through on the matter. And they make this all so legal and politically correct! How very clever they are, hoodwinking the people as they do, not to mention, themselves. And the people just seem to take it! But, maybe, in exhibiting the Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome, that’s what people have been conditioned by culture to do since the cradle? Do you think?

The breakdown of parental and cultural authority has been going on for quite some time. Since the end of the second World War, culture has been expanding in self-indulgence but declining at the same rate in moral values. Wars have a way of doing that, of expanding our fear but diminishing our well-being, since in war winning is everything, and the enemy is evil incarnate and must be destroyed–at whatever cost to human lives and future generations. In war we must have our way. But when the war is over we can’t just go back to our previous lives and understandings, expecting nothing to have changed. We have changed! And now, having saved the world from tyranny, we want the good life…an extended escape (vacation) from having to take responsibility for combating other people’s madness (evil) in the world. No more reality. Let’s have fun! and fun! and more fun!

Those of us born just after the war, the “baby boomers”, have inherited the good life…and we have done so with a passion! The baby boomer generation may be aptly named “rebel without a cause”, for, like the James Dean character in the movie, we haven’t a clue about what is really going on with us. So we just react, and getting emotional,  if the feeling is distressful, rebel, and having done so, begin rationalizing, justifying and legalizing, if possible, our willful behavior. Being clever with words, we write books, give seminars, lectures, take opinion polls, film documentaries, or, to entertain the masses, docudramas, about our world (and its past) as we see it now. We organize agency after agency that supposed to take responsibility for, and deal with, what we see–and often don’t like–so we “cut and run” from our moral obligation here, and even teach in our schools and universities that it’s o.k. to disregard the facts and believe what we want to believe, breaking the law if we must, in order to escape that pressure (the energy of living) we feel is oppressing us.

But that pressure we feel is us! It exists because we are projecting it on ourself…on each other! So don’t blame the facts, the law, the police, the military, our parents, politicans or authority in general. Culture is only an extension of us…of what we have made of it. If we feel oppressed by culture, it’s because we are using culture to oppress ourself! But, in order to escape bearing any personal responsibility for this victimization, we project the mind’s manufactured image of it (along with our guilt) on others, and then blame them for it! How convenient it is for some of us, those (extremists) who have the money, power and position, or perpetual madness, to play this image game that feeds on human emotion and insecurity, leading to more hostility, hatred and violence (class warfare). In a world driven by desire, fear and death, and our denial of the same, we live the image, the product we sell ourselves on, playing a media game with our lives. And every time someone is made to pay (suffer) for the deceit and hypocrisy in ourself that comes about with the struggle to get “gratification”, it’s as if we keep nailing Jesus to the cross!

Mankind is turning in on himself (ourself). But why is this happening? It’s not enough to say that man was born to suffer. Why are we suffering? There must be a divine plan even on suffering, as there’s a genetic code in man’s breeding. Man’s born as an infant, and if he survives his childhood and adolescence, may grow into adulthood. And God knows that the process of growing up, becoming mature, is to suffer through many conditions or states of mental and physical development, each having their own purpose or necessity. It’s as if we are continually entering into and graduating from rising grades of intelligence and experience, not to mention, our own negativity which comes with it, on the road to adulthood–and fortunately–for some of us anyway, in the process discovering who and what we are.

Spiritually speaking, we could call the final graduation from this school of life on earth, and all the suffering that goes with it, “resurrection”. For when having entered fully into our adulthood (enlightenment), we now see what all the suffering was about. It was about us identifying with and still holding onto the image of life (mainly the archetype of body/personality) as an end in itself or solid state, and projecting our life’s energy (as separate entities or centers of awareness in space and mind) back upon that image, until, finally, when spiritually maturing to the point of “letting go” (letting be, as it were) of the body/personality–that block (archetype) of stubborness who causes his own suffering–we selflessly Realize the Totality of Being (Nonego)! Thus by and through this psychological process of spiritual maturation (the Way of the cross), we pass through, overcome, rise above or resolve our own childhood and adolescence, intuconsciously Realizing we Are Now Living (Christ) Jesus, our Adulthood!

If man didn’t suffer we couldn’t see (pass) through it, and being that understanding Awareness, rise above it, overcoming the suffering (negative energy) in ourself! This is not a matter of thinking but of Being. When we think of something we create a beginning and an ending, and if we believe we are that thought, if that is our identity (separate selfhood), then we project a beginning and an ending on ourself. But, if we identify ourself as first Being (Intubeing), that is, Being Ourself as a Whole, the pure Intelligence who gives rise to the thought–but is not the thought–then we see (understand) through any beginning or ending, as our Center of Awareness Is Before (through) the thought! Thus intubeing one (the same as) with Christ (Word of God, not a historical person) or Enlightenment (Principal of Life), we are not dependent on any concept, image, form or thing-event, and therefore suffering (separate selfhood) has no place to dwell.

Mankind is turning in on himself, on the very energy-consciousness (spirit) that is his life (our life). The energy-consciousness is ultimately our Lord, our innermost Being, and a Holy Fire (Spirit)! Thus the universe, and that includes mankind in it, is only a means to this end, which is endless, as we come Awake, Aware, Alive to the One Life Force who Is Ourself as a Whole! But, in order to finally Realize Such, mankind must first pass through himself, and all the negativity that comes with the sense of having a separate selfhood (ego) apart from the Totality of Being (God). For only by passing through hell, the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation, can we ever fully Realize the Heaven (Kingdom of God) already Within us…and Being Us, potentially!