The universe is out there, it is not you.
Things, being perceived partially,
just are what they are…
they are not you;
thus in not taking things personally,
you remain Whole.

Know whatever happens, it is not you.
Events, being based in what went before,
just occur as they do…
they are not you;
thus in not getting carried away by events of the day,
you remain Here and Now.

Allow whatever to follow its own course, it is not you.
Thing-events, by their very nature,
just behave as they will…
they are not you;
thus in not interfering with thing-events in the future,
you remain Still.

Leave the world outside alone, it is not you.
Images, forms, concepts by themselves are empty
and have no core….
they are not you;
thus in not holding onto images, forms, concepts for security,
you remain Free.

Know when all is seen thru, there is only You,
the pure Intelligence that We Are.
Images, forms, concepts are just projections of the ego…
they are not you;
thus in not identifying with the ego,
you remain Ourself as a Whole.