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Living Life


Living Life is fully embracing the moment…and being whatever the moment is. But, as long as there is a sense of self apart from the moment, then the literal perspective (duality, sensory perception and ego) rises up to dominate consciousness, and suffering will be just around the corner. This is not to say that suffering is not experienced by the nonself or spirit, while maintaining a material body, but that there is a joy of liberation which fully embraces the moment and fuses with the suffering, diluting it, comforting the spirit.

Living Life is the doing, not the doer. When selflessly realizing that there really is no doer or separate self, only Life itself happening this very moment, then Such is the One, Whole Consciousness out of which everything seems to have its origin, only later, to have its end. This seeming then, or creative illusion, of there being a separate self and multiple thing-events occurring in an external universe, is related to sensory perception…and the corresponding literal interpretation of what is experienced. Indeed, we interpret according to the way in which we see. Thus we look outward through the eye and interpret literally what we see actually, and call that reality. But, everything that actually appears to be happening is cyclic, and subject to change, as sensory perception is partial consciousness, and not lasting, being neither total or clear (pure) consciousness.

In the cyclic world, as there cannot be life without death, day without night, the nonliteral without the literal, or this without that, the secondary or negative aspect of any dualism is but an interval in the same process, as both are the same inward unity. Thus there really is no division in consciousness, in Living Life; that is, except to the literal mind, which sees and interprets everything partially as being outside everything else, seemingly apart, not connected. Therefore, it can be said that the external/literal/actual world outside, this world and mind of the senses, is maya or creative illusion; indeed, a kind of pre-life or pretentiousness, as we are living the image/form/concept of life, not Life itself. And because of that, the human soul, whether consciously or unconsciously, seeks release from its entrapment. But here lies the demon in the details. In the seeking, and trying to grasp something as an end in itself, we only strengthen the separate self…self is the entrapment.

Living Life, on the other hand, is a total acceptance of, and trust in, the here and Now…a total abandonment of self to the selfless. Thus there is no separation of any kind, no division in mind, from the oneness or wholeness that is Life itself. Therefore, Living Life is not a doer or a creator, which denotes past tense or a secondary consciousness, but the Doing, the Creating, the ever-present Consciousness that Is…is Living Life. But the self cannot breathe total acceptance of, or trust in, what it cannot literally grasp. Therefore, the separate self fears the here and Now, attempting to escape it or to control it…to deny it or to possess it…to condemn it or to praise it. Either way always to separate itself from the oneness/wholeness of Living Life, and in dividing the mind, reinforcing the pattern and process of suffering.

But, to the soul who selflessly realizes God, the Creating, through the path of its own separateness, thereby reflecting unity, Living Life is the only true Will, or Nonwill, as the Totality of Being cannot be literally based outside Life itself. Such is Ourself as a Whole, not as partiality or pre-life. It’s like the difference between having a vision and being the vision…having a part to play or being the Play itself. For, in Being the Play itself, there’s no need for a secondary consciousness to tell you what it’s about. You Are Living Life!





Stepping Out Of The Past


The brain can be likened to a computer: it only knows what has been fed into it. Therefore, every image, form and concept is based in the past, in the brain, even what is called the present is a pattern or cyclic process of energy/consciousness being registered in the brain. Indeed, the literal perspective (duality, sensory perception, ego) is a delusion. But how so?

Consider a dream. What is true of any dream (split-consciousness) is that every person, place and thing in the dream is not really there. What is happening (moving) is delusion, but being captured by the sensory perception that is the substance (quality) of the dream, the dreamer believes that what he is experiencing is reality. But, in fact, the dreamer is still in bed–he hasn’t gone anywhere at all. With the mind so fragmented, the dreamer has unconsciously deceived himself for a time that he has. In a way, a kind of self-hypnosis takes place when losing wakefulness, consciousness suppressed (split) becoming the subconscious mind. In relation to whole consciousness then, the subconscious, seemingly complex, can be likened to the ego: it’s not all there.

Modern science has shown that everything experienced in the external world (literal perspective) is only a sensory perception, an electro-magnetic signal coming from the object in space going to the brain. One does not therefore experience the external world itself but the image the brain creates, and, consequently, what he does experience is not really there–but in his mind. Thus every thing-event experienced by the senses can be likened to waves on the ocean: the wind (world) breathes against the water (mind) and produces the waves (thing-events), as well as, the sense of continued outward motion. But the ocean itself has not moved unilaterally. The same can be said of space: all phenomena comes out of space and has its time and then returns into space, but the space, in being space, remains whole, complete in itself. Such is not another phenomena, that is to say, not another image, form or concept (duality). Accordingly, whole consciousness (totality of being) is the nonliteral perspective (oneness, nonsensory perception, nonego), a totally open, natural and spontaneous happening, or infinite stream of energy-consciousness.

A human being is a isolated point (separate entity) in space, and like all phenomena, has its time and then is no more. But the real (seeming) problem that all human beings get caught up (lost) in is in having (keeping) a literal interpretation of life and the world outside. For in remaining literal-minded, schooled from infancy in the dualism (abstraction) of language, human beings see, and thus interpret, everything in separation (everything being outside everything else) and think the actual, literal and partial world is reality. Thus in believing every verb must have a subject, they live the image, form and concept (sensory perception) of life and the world outside in place of the full reality (nonliteral perspective) behind and within them that gives rise to it. They are stuck in the past.

But how does one get unstuck?

By seeing and interpreting everything in separation (literally), one believes that one thing leads into another. And holding onto his past experiences, seeking his identity in them, one creates the sense of a personal continuity from birth to death. Yet this continuity is all in the past…all brain-based (sensory perception). What is totally now, that is, ever-present (whole consciousness), cannot be contained by any thing-event (partially) and remains lost to the literal mind. And even if he understands this matter intellectually, one will still get in his own way by trying to achieve the goal of living totally now…for the main obstacle he faces is himself as ego…and the need to step out of the past!

There is no lasting peace in a split-consciousness, in a divided mind (duality). When one desires to possess something or to achieve something apart from (and thus is not) himself, the self automatically interferes with the open, natural and spontaneous act of doing (being), of living totally now. So, if one is to be the nonliteral perspective, ever-present (the happening itself), one must surrender the need (ego) to be so. For the ego, being by nature of its own seeming partial, subjective and relative existence (literal perspective), is not capable of enlightenment (liberation)–of being whole consciousness. Thus one must step out of the past without needing too, as the ego must be taken out of the equation without any effort on the part of a separate self.

How is this possible?

This is where everything gets extremely subtle. When one spends the day meditating (living meditation), beginning to realize (not just choosing to believe but actually realizing) that every one of us is really whole consciousness (nonliteral perspective), that there is only the timeless now (no past or future in reality, no duality), without knowing how, suddenly the selfless realization of it all becomes him: that is, he is not having a realization, he Is the Realization! The pure understanding Awareness that just Is! The ego or split-consciousness can be said to turn in and pass through itself, living (being) through every thought, emotion and experience, but not holding onto or identifying with (possessing) any of it! Thus there is only the pure understanding Awareness (Whole Consciousness) itself, or in itself (Intubeing). It’s as though one is seeing from behind the eyes and from Within the thing-events of the day, through all his thoughts, feelings and personal experiences, but not desiring any of it for himself…for there is no separate self to hold onto! No personal claim on anything. There is only Now, the ever-present self that is Selfless!

Like the vampire being asked to meet the dawn (liberation), the ego is terrified of the thought, of total freedom. To the vampire’s literal mind this would be his own annihilation, and frightened to (living) death, desperately hurries back to his coffin, to his seeming safe shelter (protracted life). Likewise, the ego clings to the body, to the past. Identifying with the senses, believing what is brain-based is reality, the ego cannot see (live) the nonliteral perspective through himself and realize the whole consciousness (nonego) that just Is…Is the very essence behind and Within everything, yet is not anything, literally speaking!

Such is the human condition: desire, fear and death. Yet one is not really lost, only seemingly so. Stepping out of the past is why any of us are here, why any of us are anywhere. Like the vampire, each of us struggles as long as we think we must. But once we are ready to fully accept the truth about the human condition, in the process, stilling the mind, the selfless realization (nonliteral perspective) that Is becomes us, and living faith is now our strength and peace our refuge…even as Our true self Is Selfless, the Eternal Now, ever-present Totality of Being!

There Is No Escape


Day into night, night into day, every beginning having an ending and every ending bringing about a new beginning; so goes the universe and so goes our own lives on earth. It’s the dance of appearances, of experiences (sense perceptions), which end where they begin; but Energy-Consciousness, Spirit, Life itself continues. But don’t be fooled, there is no escaping this cyclic process inherent with the universe, and with us on earth. Thus the only Freedom from this process is the direct living experience (Awareness) of Life, that is, Being Life instead of having a life.

Events in our lives happen as they are meant to happen. We may think that we make the choices and decisions, that we are manipulating things, that we are in control, but nothing comes about that was not meant to be. Life itself (God) influences the universe from Within, not from outside. Thus our own personal choices and decisions may turn out well or not so well, it really doesn’t matter. For however they turn out, what matters is discovering that this is the path to Now (ever-present), that is, to Life itself or in itself. And there’s no escaping the path; indeed, the path is us. So, whatever the karma in play, this becomes our means of living meditation, even of returning to the sacred Heart and Center Within ourself. Thus whatever is happening to us this moment, we need not judge it, but to see it through, and whatever the result of our action, knowing it cannot be otherwise, finally surrender the need to change the world, to play God…and stop…our ego from running away with us.

There is no escape, there is only Now, the direct, open, most natural, spiritual Flow of Energy-Consciousness. Though invisible to the literal mind, it’s like space moves…and just Is…Is Awareness itself or in itself. Thus, in total acceptance of the thing-event that is this moment, abandoning ourself to the Now We Are through whatever is happening, we allow Now (ever-present) to come into full Focus; that is, directly experiencing selfless Realization, such Realization (Recognition) Is the real You, the real Us, God. It’s all the same Reality, as All Are One Totality of Being (Intubeing). O, what a hard lesson this is to learn, some will say. But Reality isn’t about learning it (ego)…but Being it (Nonego).