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There’s So Much Beauty In The World


There’s so much beauty in the world,
even in a grain of sand,
when one sees with the Heart…
with the inner Knowing that stands not apart
from what one sees, but is
completely open to this very moment.

Indeed, diving deeply into the mystery of life, of self,
one sees everything as we see ourself as a Whole:
beautiful without compare,
moving without departing from Now,
filling the consciousness that’s us without measure,
as radiant light goes Into radiant Light
even without watching the show.

O God, Thou Art Living Light
when one sees with the Heart!
Just Being completely open to this very moment,
first Seeing from Within the shadow
that gives soul witness to the Light,
we as a Whole Are so very beautiful!

What Is My Perception Of The World Today?


The world is ego (duality/sensory perception/literal perspective), and that collective self (superego or great spook) is turning in on himself (on humanity, as perceived with the bodily senses). Think of the ego as a tunnel, and that we, as spirit, need to pass through (cease to identity with) it in order to come out in the Light (ourself as a Whole) at the other side, that is, to Be the Light! Right now we are stuck in the tunnel and everything seems dark: the worst in us is coming to the surface of our consciousness, and rather than confront it, and thus by seeing (living) through (letting go of ) the darkness (ego), in the process discovering the Living Light (Christ/Buddha/Krishna, etc)) already Within us–who Is Us–we want to escape self-examination,  failing to absorb the very energy that is our life.

It used to be that we could escape to the “new world”, but today that world has shrunk, and there’s nowhere to hide…except,  maybe,  in ourselves. Thus the collective ego is caught up in a psychological process of self-undoing, which must take place before the light of understanding can filter through the tunnel and come Into Us. So take heart, dear reader, keep your faith strong, and behind all the suffering that comes with holding onto a separate selfhood (ego-satan), feel the Loving Light of God Within coming closer, filling us with the Divine Presence (Stillness/Peace/Compassion) through the shadow (tunnel).

We were put on this earth to selflessly Realize Who and what we really Are (Our innermost Being and Liberation). I say selflessly because so long as we remain centered to the ego/personality/tunnel, which is literal and partial, we can’t know ourself as Nonliteral and Whole. You might say that materialism/egoism is our childhood and spirituality (Nonego) our adulthood. Thus it’s time for us (humanity collectively) to grow up! To accept living responsibility for our own behavior, and seeing (living) through it, step Into the Light!